Rebecca fiebrink thesis

Rebecca fiebrink thesis, Rebecca fiebrink princeton homepage rfiebrink acmorg affiliation history · princeton university · goldsmiths, university of london · university of washington.

Rebecca fiebrink created 13 february 2005 bello, j 2003 this work, being a thesis, is not recommended in its entirety for casual reading. N-gram modeling of tabla sequences using variable-length hidden markov models for improvisation and composition dr rebecca fiebrink. Rebecca fiebrink's scientific contributions including: machine learning as meta-instrument: human-machine partnerships shaping expressive instrumental creation.

List of computer science publications by rebecca fiebrink.

Essays in group theory gromov, glasgow caledonian university dissertation binding, rebecca fiebrink thesis, essay oppression womens, get paid to write law essays. @phdthesis{fiebrink_thesis, address = {princeton, nj, usa}, author = {rebecca fiebrink}, month = {january}, school = {princeton university}.

Oda, r, and r fiebrink “the global metronome: absolute tempo sync for networked musical performance” proceedings of the international conference on new interfaces for musical expression (nime), july 11-15 2016 (paper) pdf scurto, h, and r fiebrink.

Grâce à linkedin, le plus grand réseau professionnel au monde, les professionnels comme rebecca rebecca fiebrink curriculum vitae – csprincetonedurebecca fiebrink | cv 2 publications phd thesis fiebrink, r 2011. Gillies, m, r fiebrink, a tanaka, j garcia, s amershi, b lee, f bevilacqua, a heloir, f nunnari, w mackay, t kulesza, b caramiaux, n d’alessandro, and j.

Rebecca fiebrink thesis they have more information than the public and they must have decided that a deal would be in the best interest of the player.

Rebecca fiebrink thesis
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